Hi all,

The four of us met for another meeting recently and will be attempting to update this page on a weekly basis as the date draws nearer.  We have a few things brewing in an attempt to raise more funds and will keep you posted as we begin them.

It looks as though we will be conducting our shave on the 2nd of December (a day earlier due to a conflict on the 3rd with a pretty important event for Liam) on TVNZs Good Morning programme.  This is yet to be confirmed but when and if it is we will let you know.  

Please forward this link onto everyone in your address book as we are now less than 2 months away from the date and really need to get the donations rolling in!

For those who would like to donate but do not have a credit card, donations can be made to the following account:
Westpac, Newtown Branch
03-0578-0142371-00 (Please add ABCS funrazor 09 as a ref so we can add it to our total raised offline)

Otherwise don't forget the fundraising page is http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/funrazor09/ 

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Kia Ora everybody
Im sorry it's been a while.
David is good and well in himself.We had check up last week doc is very happy.
Nothing getting bigger(thank goodness),nothing else is growing(thank goodness),
and David is holding his weight really good.
22nd August David had his 18th Birthday party at the Te Marua golf club.Even though David's
Birthday is in July we had such a wonderful day and night.
Close friends and family came,Dinner was just wonderful.Thank you to Penny(CanTeen Wgtn)
and Mark for there kind donation to help have a great party.
High Light for me was having David for the whole day night.Seeing his brothers with a big
smile on their faces when they helped David blow his candles out.Shearing a drink with my son.
Speech from my uncle Yang Kan Cook(uncle Donald),we will see you at your 21st David and uncle you
are right because we are.Everybody having a great time and walking home from the club was
a bit of a mission but we made it home safely.
My mum and dad couldnt be there because my mum was unwell but doing really well now. 
Well as for me,plastic smiles and laughter on the outside and full of tears and sadness on the inside.
Still moving on like a snail,still hoping for answers and a cure,still full of tears everyday,still want to
hide in a hole with my son until someone can give him fully back to me.
Please can anybody out there help me to save my son please anybody.
I'm sorry if it sounds like im feeling sorry for myself and maybe I am but that's just the way I feel.

3years ago tomorrow
I was told
those words no parents wants to hear
I'm sorry but your child has Cancer


Bowman Todd Memorial Rugby Match

The annual Bowman Todd Memorial Rugby match is scheduled to be played at 2pm Sunday 30th August at Waikanae Park, Ngarara Road, Waikanae.   

This game is in memory of Liams, Dad Matt and our friend Dave Bowman who both died from brain tumours in 2006. 

The match itself this year is between the Waikanae A side, who won the local competition, and an invitational Police team.  The Police team is made up from Police Officers all around the Wellington District and this year includes several of the members of the Recruits side so it should be a good game!

We are using this years match to kick of our fundraising for the “funrazor” which of course benefits the Child Cancer Foundation, and seems to be creeping up on us very quickly!

Don't forget out fundraising site is http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/funrazor09/

Aside from the need to fundraise the rugby match is always a lot of fun and the Todd and Bowman families along with the Te Maipi, Ternet and Christian/Milne families would love to see you there to help us start fundraising to lose our locks!

Please forward this onto everyone you think may be interested.

See you there!

Here is a link to Liams Close Up segment which aired on Monday and gives a plug for the match at the end.

5 Months to go

Less than 5 months to go - precisely 135 days to go and counting.

We have been in discussions with the Child Cancer Foundation with our fundraising plans and have a few things up our sleeves, which we will be embarking on soon.

We are still planning on hitting that $50,000 mark so have a fair bit of work ahead (excuse the pun) of us. 

If anyone has any fundraising ideas, things that they would like to do to help us hit the target please feel free to post us a message - we are open to any thoughts and will welcome any assistance anyone can give us!

Again the online fundraising link is;
Please pass it on to friends and family, we have a long way to go yet!

Becs, Shanell, Catherine and Alma

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Morning all
Sorry it's taken me a while to update.David is doing well.2weeks ago we had finished radiation and that will be all the treatment David will get.I asked Doctor Hamilton(radiation Doc)if they could cut the lump out.To cut the lump out is a no go zone.The operation would be too long and too dangerous for David and then David said no mummy it's not what I want.David is still not having chemo and that is his choice.As a mother I would push for him to have chemo and do what ever it takes to keep my son but that isn't the plan.The last 2weeks has been tough for me thinking what is the next step to help my son and how can I stop crying.Each day for me is hard trying to rack my brain on the computer trying to find answer but i'm making things worst for myself because deep down I no we have to live 4 2day and keep the happy thoughts ticking and memories close to our hearts.At times I just want to get drunk to block out what is happening and trying to give up smoking but now i would rather smoke then get drunk.
I have a job as a releiver teachers aid at Palm Cottage Daycare Centre in Upper Hutt and then on the 29th June I will be their cook for 3weeks while their cook goes on holiday.Since David's story in the Sunday Star there has been so many wonderful people all over the world,Hong Kong,Germany,England,Australia and New Zealand have donated money towards David's Bucket List(watch the DVD,David has already done some and 1maybe??) and even a house to stay in when we do get to Aussie.To all we thank you.Mark,Samuel and Kain all doing well too.
Well that's all for now.
Arohanui Alma

(no subject)

Kia Ora Everybody,
The Te Maipi-Hennessey whanau have landed back to reality.
We arrived at the airport,off to the Koru lounge meet the captain then into the plane.David and Samuel got to sit in the cockpit from Wgtn to Auckland and had so much fun.
Thanks to Mr Nigel Morison,Niki and Connie of Skycity Grand Hotel was all that "GRAND" and so was the staff.We had such a wonderful time that i'm still in cloud 10.
David had his own room,Samuel and Kain had their own room and so did Mark and I but of cause the boys had turns sleeping with me but it was all good.The boys went swimming everyday,all meals where booked to our room and we could have what ever we wanted when ever we wanted.They gave us so much that it blue us all away.We were treated like VIP
and it was really hard to take in.David and I did the skyjump yes the skyjump.David did it twice.the whole whanau was going to do the skywalk but it got to windy and it started to rain(thank goodness for the rain I say).
Saturday our flight was cancelled and we couldn't get another flight untill Sunday 7am so we were stranded so I thought.
I made a phone call to Connie and next thing we new we were back at the Grand Hotel for another night with room service
at our finger tips.
But all in all we all had a wonderful time and The SKYCITY GRAND HOTEL is just that GRAND.
But back to reality David and I are at each other because he won't listen to me and has p------ me off
so almost back from reality.
Well that's all for now David is well.

Cheers Alma

Here is a link to David on Breakfast this morning.  Great piece, so glad you guys had fun.
Becs xxxx

Fundraising Page

Hi everyone,

We have finally done it, the fundraising page is up and running!

We've set up a web page at http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/funrazor09/

Come support us as we participate in Funrazor 2009 in an effort to raise funds for Child Cancer Foundation.

Spread the word - please forward this link to all in your email address book so that the Child Cancer Foundation really benefits from our efforts.

Thanks for your support and sponsorship,
Becs, Shanell, Catherine and Alma.


(no subject)

Hi All
This is David Ta-Moko.This was done by Henare Brooking from the East Coast.
The Ta Moko represents David's Nannny and Papa,myself and Mark(stepdad)and David's 2 brothers also David's awa,iwi and monga.
A BIG thank you to Dean Bradley for his time and driving us to Palmerston North.
A special thank you to Henare Brooking for letting us into his whare and doing the Ta Moko.
David is one sore but hapi chapi.

Please go and buy the Sunday Times not the Sunday News.
Cheers Alma

(no subject)
Kia Ora everybody,

David had radiation yesterday then we meet up with the doc.David asked the doc how big the lump was.
The lump is 18cm long and 12cm wide so that is a very big lump.All in all David is good.Tomorrow David and I will travel to Palmerston North and get his Ta-Moko done thanks to a very  nice dad who's teenage daughter died of cancer I think a few years ago.How we meet this man is another story but to cut things short,David was at the right place at the right time when the dad needed a shoulder and a loving arm for

Today David was interviewed by the Sunday News.So please go out and buy a copy this Sunday and have read about my Brave Knight.While David was inteviewed it was hard for me to re-live the last 3years but as for my son,it was like,David hasn't got Cancer and that he isn't going to let Cancer bring him down in any shape or form.Our motto is "Live 4 2day" and that is what we are doing well that is what im trying to do.David is full steam ahead with life and living life to the fullest.

Well that's all for now,go out and buy the Sunday News and have read.

Cheers Alma

(no subject)

Kia ora all,
David is good.Started radiation last Tuesday.
Tonight 60 minutes on TV3 is doing a story on the Cancer ward in Wgtn.Samuel,Kain and I with other whanau were there when they filmed at Child Cancer Foundation.So please do watch this.Our whanau is safe as in treatment wise but unlike the other whanau they are not.My heart and support go out to those other whanau who can't control  where or how their beautiful wonderful tamariki have trreatment.
Cheers Alma 


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