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All cried out
kia Ora everyone

I wish my update was all good but i've been hit really hard in the last few weeks and my emotions are running high.

We had check up last week and David is slowly slipping away from us.We are around through the christmas and new year
so feel free to come for a visit.David is still well in himself and still getting on our nerves and still getting on with life.I know that there are alot of people out there who have sent me kind words and have asked if there is anything they can do and all i can say is be there for the Te Maipi-Hennessey whanau when the time comes.

My dad is doing well in Waikato hospital and the two younger boys and myself will travel to Hamilton to see my dad and mum,I do need some mum time with my mum.We will travel in the Overlander tomorrow at 7.25am and get to Hamilton at 5pm where my brother Shane will pick us up.We will be away until 1st December.

On Saturday morning my Nanny Kaa passed away at Wellington Hospital.Nanny Kaa was the last of her Generation and we are all sorry that she has gone but she will be with Grandad and all her sisters.

So i'm all cried out for now and need some mum time.The boys will love the train ride i'm sure.
I will miss Mark and David but i'm sure they will be fine.

One last thing.Check out the attachment:FUNRAZOR 09 is happening.
3rd December on the Good Morning show about 9am.Watch me cry on National TV.

Cheers Alma

We will also be making an appearance in the Sunday Star Times this Sunday (29th).

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Love from stranger

So sad to hear your update, even though you knew it was coming i'm sure it does'nt make it any easier. Draw strength on the Good Morning show and hold on to that for the coming months and years.

Tracey (ANZ)

Hi Alma and David
Alli has sent your blog details to me. I am thinking of you every day. Much love
Chrissy (Canteen Manager 2006)

hi there,i've been wanting to get in contact with you.Would love to catch up.I be home on Monday night so give me a call.This is my number 5263110.

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