Update David

Kia Ora all,

Today at about 2pm David Horo Te Maipi passed away peacefully at home in presence of his whanau and friends. He will be home later on this evening and all day tomorrow for those that would like to say there final goodbyes. We are then taking him to his final resting place in Whatatutu, Gisbourne where is funeral will be on Mangatu Marae on Wednesday at 11am.

Thanks Te Maipi and Hennessey whanau

Update David

Kia Ora All

Things are now getting to the point that David is now driftting in and out and sleeping more and more.The bloody Cancer now truly taking over our son is now pushing against his heart. Our son has the strength to keep fighting.David laid outside on the bed in the sun(yes the sun)and slept most of the afternoon outside my room with the french doors opened.I laid on my bed just looking and saying to myself,that's our son who is still young and still has a life to live,why David,why not me,why can't I just take the pain away from him.My heart is hurting so much watching our son slowly driftting away from us.We are going to fight this bloody Cancer to the end with David.
David's nurse has been and we have had a chat.
Time to tell Samuel and Kain that their brother is slowly dying and that we don't have much time left with David.Samuel who is almost 12 just cried and Kain who is 10 sat with no words.Mark just told them,tell David that you love him.
We are taking each day as it comes and everyday is a blessing.
I would like to thank everybody for there kind words and support.

Merry Christmas to you all.May you find and have all the happiness your whanau can hold.
Tell your mother,father,childern tell your whanau that you love them and give out hugs over the holidays because at the end of the day they are free and most of all,priceless.

Lots of hugs and love Te Maipi-Hennessey Whanau xoxoxoxoxo

The result.

Firstly apologies for the delay in posting the pictures and the final update.

The day of the shave was fantastic. Everybody at TVNZ was great. The four of us arrived a bundle of nerves which were somewhat eased with a lovely bottle of the good stuff provided by our lovely Amanda (Fundraising Manager at CCF). There was a fair bit of rescue remedy also being swallowed but all things considered we weren't too bad.

In the green room we met the stars of the show, Brendon Pongia, Steven Gray, Sarah Bradley, Astar and best of all Harry McNaughton. They were all lovely and really did their best to put us all at ease.

The show itself went off without a hitch and we all thought they did a wonderful job dealing with each of us with a great deal of sensitivity. Harry was, as someone described "very strokey" but I tell you what none of us minded!

As the hair was chopped and began to fall to the floor it was a comfort to know that we were not alone and that there were 3 other women doing the same thing and we were all in it together. From what we gather there wasn't a dry eye in either the studio or in the homes of the people watching.

We have all had so many positive comments and the fundraising total is still climbing. I think we are up to $11,500 which is a fantastic effort.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated to the cause, it means alot to us all.

We are slowly getting used to our new "do's" and are hoping that the weather warms up soon so our heads stop getting cold!

**As requested here is a link for the show - its in 3 parts and not sure if you can see the initial chat with the 4 of us**

http://tvnz.co.nz/search/ta_ent_search_tv_skin.xhtml?requiredfields=type:media.format:full+episode&partialfields=programme:%3Bgood-morning&tab=tvmedia&start=0&sort=date:D:S:d1 Once you have arrived at the link go to page 5 and you will see the sections called Funrazor.

Thanks again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Bring on 2010!

New start

I'm so looking forward to getting my hair cut.Time for a new start and a new look.I'm off to buy me something to slip onto my head,what I don't know.Have a good night sleep Becs,Shanell and Catherine and will see you tomorrow.
Arohanui Alma xoxoxo

The Shave

The details for the shave in 2 days time!!!! are.....

Good Morning, TV 1, 10am.
Harry McNaughton who plays Gerald on Shortland Street will be assisting us in losing our locks.

Thanks to St Benedicts School in Khandallah who have raised $238.20 from a mufti day to put towards our total. You guys are awesome!

Kapanui School in Waikanae are also running a "Funky Hair" day on Wednesday to raise money and thank you to everyone who has donated online and offline, every little bit helps.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :)

Becs, Shanell, Catherine and Alma

All cried out

kia Ora everyone

I wish my update was all good but i've been hit really hard in the last few weeks and my emotions are running high.

We had check up last week and David is slowly slipping away from us.We are around through the christmas and new year
so feel free to come for a visit.David is still well in himself and still getting on our nerves and still getting on with life.I know that there are alot of people out there who have sent me kind words and have asked if there is anything they can do and all i can say is be there for the Te Maipi-Hennessey whanau when the time comes.

My dad is doing well in Waikato hospital and the two younger boys and myself will travel to Hamilton to see my dad and mum,I do need some mum time with my mum.We will travel in the Overlander tomorrow at 7.25am and get to Hamilton at 5pm where my brother Shane will pick us up.We will be away until 1st December.

On Saturday morning my Nanny Kaa passed away at Wellington Hospital.Nanny Kaa was the last of her Generation and we are all sorry that she has gone but she will be with Grandad and all her sisters.

So i'm all cried out for now and need some mum time.The boys will love the train ride i'm sure.
I will miss Mark and David but i'm sure they will be fine.

One last thing.Check out the attachment:FUNRAZOR 09 is happening.
3rd December on the Good Morning show about 9am.Watch me cry on National TV.

Cheers Alma

We will also be making an appearance in the Sunday Star Times this Sunday (29th).

Full of anger and tears.

kia ora all
Tonight i'm feeling angry and sad.David is being a big pain in the butt.David has a bad cough and his chest is in a bad way.
David won't keep warm goes out at night then comes home early in the morning sleeps all day then out again.Last week we went to the hospice and he said"mummy I don't wan't to die",we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes and holding hands,I said I don't want you to die either and i'm not ready to let you go and if I could change or trade places with you
i bloody would in a flash but tonight he isn't looking after himself and I don't want to deal with him because he ain't listerning to me and i'm really pissed off.Full of anger and tears.
My mind is in 2places.My dad has not been well.About 6 weeks ago my dad nearly died and now my dad is in Waikato hospital.My dad will go on dialacs? machine on Wednesday then my dad will have his leg ambutated? just below the knee on Thursday.I rang my mum to try and talk to her but I don't think she was listerning to me but I understand.
Right now i'm in tears because I wan't to go be with my parents but i don't,David won't listern to me and I don't
want to deal with him.When David gets sick i'm the one who has to deal with him,if we end up in hospital,Mark has to look after Samuel and Kain and it's not fear on them or me cause i hate being away from them.
At the moment I think that David is only thinking about himself and his friends.We have had alot of yelling and saying things that hurt us.David is very angry and has punch a hole in the wall and is seeing someone tomorrow.I'm sorry that he is feeling angry.David understand that im feeling angry and that I cry everyday but does he care,sometimes he makes me wonder.
I just want to hide in a hole and not come out until the time is right and when the time is right can somebody tell me,anybody tell me.I have heaps more tears and when they stop i will never know but i do know that I love my son and parents but right now I can't deal with anything cause my mind is in 2 places.
Sorry for the spelling mistakes and if my update don't make sinse is because my life doesn't make sinse.
Cheers Alma



Well Catherine and I went down to Coastlands in Paraparaumu today to see if we could raise some funds and awareness for the shave.  We had some very generous people approach us and thank everyone for their wonderful donations. 

We did however strike a little hiccup when we went to bank the money and realised we had been given the wrong bank account number!  We have now adjusted it on the funraising site so please pass it on to as many people as possible.

Catherine, Shanell and I will hopefully be back at Coastlands sometime next week. (probably Monday)

Take care all



Hi All,

Catherine and Becs will be hanging around in Coastlands next Thursday (12th) from 10am to 1pm rattling our buckets to gather up as many donations as we can in the space of 3 hours and letting people know about the big day.

We are awaiting the arrival of vests with the fundraising site on so the four of us are going to be walking billboards.  The advertisments for the official Funrazor have begun nationwide in the newspapers, so it is creeping nearer and nearer.  We are still awaiting confirmation about where and what time we will be shaving so will keep you posted. 

Please forward the site to as many people as possible the more people that know the more awareness (and money) we can raise!

Shanell, Catherine, Becs and Alma

p.s. We are all a little bit terrified!

Hugo Boss Australia

Liam's Aunty Amy works at Hugo Boss Australia and on receiving an email reminding her about the funrazor her whole office decided to get into the spirit of things.  On Friday one of their staff members, Daniel Higgins, decided to bravely shave his head for us.  This was not just an ordinary "bloke" shaving his head, this is a man who spends alot of money and time on his hair so it was a big effort.  In total the office donated approximately $450, so thanks so much to Hugo Boss Australia for supporting us!  

Here are some pics of their event;

Daniel Higgins before photoThe beginningMid shaveThe finished productDoesn't he look great!  Heres hoping we look as good......