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Kia ora everybody,
I wish I was sending this update on a happy note.
David has had a relapse.Same leg just above were the other lump was.We found the lump about 4 weeks ago,had scans last week got results today.
The bloody Cancer now has travelled to his lungs.  David has options.We have decided that David is old enough to to decide what to do,treatment or not,quailty or quanty.
I'm glad I took my friend Kathy with me cause my world just crumbled and there was jack shit nothing I could do.
David asked me to leave our meeting because I was telling the doctor that she had the wrong results and they were someone elses and that I wanted David to have scans done again,told her that i'm taking David to Aussie for more answers but in my heart I wanted her to be wrong and I knew she wasnt' and for the first time my son David shared a tear.That was my fault because his mother flipped out really bad.I'm glad I asked Penny and Mata from CanTeen to come along,they sat with David and the doctor for us.
David is good in himself and you all know how strong David is.Like David said in his story in the CanTeen book last year
      When your gone your gone and that's it.
David just wants to get on with life,get his 40credits at school and start his career in cooking,be a teenager,bug his mother like crazy and grab life by the balls and run with it.David still has alot of life inside of him and going on from what we got told last year ,we will still have David for a few years yet and hope that it may turn into 10 or even 20,only god know's.
Well thats all for now,i'm feeling very tired and drained.Will do another update next week. sorry for the spelling mistakes.
Love Alma

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Sorry to hear your news Alma, it must be devastating. Thinking of you and praying for you all. Sue from J'ville.


I really do not know what words to type.
My heart goes out to you all!.
My tears are falling.
Love Leanne

A stranger is thinking of you...

I can't imagine what it is like for you all at the moment. Just a wee note to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers

Take carexxx


Hi Alma, David and family,

We are sorry to hear of the horrible news you had to share we can only imagine what must be going thru your head at the moment. Your family is in our thoughts and we hope that there will be a good outcome for you.

L, A and T

Oh Alma, I'm so very sad for you guys. This must be so incredibly tough! Know that I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts!

Lea White

Oh Alma,

I am so sorry to hear that. Life is a bitch and I feel so sad for families like yours having to go through such an awful thing. You and your family will be in my thoughts xx

Hi David, Alma and family.
Although I do not know you in person and have been directed to this wonderful journal of support though Kyahs Journey I am deeply saddned by your relapse. I am really lost for words but wannted to express my sympathy. I hope with all my heart that future posts are more positve!!

Kia Kaha
Ashley xox

I am so sorry to hear that, my heart goes out to you and your family and of course to David. Stay strong will be thinking of you

Tarnz x

Even though I dont know you Alma I cant imagine the pain you must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and it must be fantastic having friends like you funrazor mates, Stay strong!!!!!
Dee in Christchurch

You be pleased girls that you don't have to lose your hair today in the South Island. It is about 4 degrees. Take care and hope all your journeys are o.k

Well this just isnt right. No child no matter how young or old deserves this! Actually no one deserves to be hurt by cancer (victim or family) Be strong and know that all of us through this journal are next to you. Draw strength from us. I am so glad that you have the other families through child cancer and canteen to also support you. Please let David know that we are all thinking of him to.

Tracey ANZ

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